Foreign trade clerk

2018/05/24 hebei 5 8k+

Post requirements:

 College degree or above, major in International Trade and Business English

Job content:


Marketing Director

2018/05/24 hebei 1 10K+

Work content:

1, Responsible for the market development of foreign agricultural machinery accessories products.

2. Collect and analyze market information and develop market strategies.

3, Coordinating the various product departments in the company and supporting the overall market sales abroad.


1. College degree or above, over 30 years old, over 5 years of large company market or sales experience;

2. Strong writing skills, high market sensitivity, familiarity with IT / OA / digital industry.

3. It has the ability to plan and coordinate products and markets, and to adapt to proper business trips.

4, fluent English, English is very good.

5. Ability to coordinate and communicate.

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